Scaffold Division

Central Industrial Services, LLC. provides installation of suspended scaffolds, system and tubular scaffolds for general and construction industries. Installation of scaffolds for boilers, tanks, buildings, bridges and structures, etc for all types of work following all safety standards with highly trained and capacitated personnel.

The company has established a reputation as one of the most respected businesses in the industry, primarily due to our concern for quality and safety.

We’ve worked on a variety of large scale projects in government buildings (over 25 Public Housing projects), schools, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities and more.

Tubular Stairs Scaffolds

Tubular stairs are designed in QES or Safway equipment allowing customers secure access to construction or renovation projects. They are similar to conventional drive systems provide higher and intermediate rails and a set of handrails on both sides of the stairs. Provides walking surfaces between levels and complete steps and entry and exit gates.

Systems Scaffolds

The systems consist of scaffolding poles and horizontal designed galvanized metal, its design is easy to use for quick saddle which adapts to different places such as tanks, circular structures and inaccessible places. Each component is independent of each other which facilitates design or modification.

Provide material for the design work platforms for welding in places such as boilers or pipes. The scaffold system can be mounted on different levels which facilitates the design of large structures or hanging structures. Overhanging structures are anchored structural material and are designed with bases where scaffolds cannot be mounted. It can be used in industries such as:

  • Petrochemical and refinery operations

  • Generation fuel boilers

  • Boat and Marine Industries

  • Construction and renovation projects

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Scaffolding comes in various sizes and styles for use by different construction trades and applications. We evaluate your project and recommend the best alternative.