Occupational Health and Safety Department

Is a vital component of Central Industrial Services administrative and operational structure.

Our health and safety program is aimed at reducing the risks inherent in our work by creating the safest working environment possible for our employees. We ensure that our workers are properly protected with the appropriate safety equipment for their assigned task and receive health and safety training through formal classroom training, mandatory daily toolbox meetings, supervisor meetings and an annual safety conference.

Our full-time health and safety director has more than 15 years of experience in the health and safety industry. Every work site is analyzed for hazards, and every project is monitored by a health and safety officer. Our staff is trained in the latest regulations, laws and procedures, with employees in the field working closely with state and federal agencies.

The continued improvement in our safety statistics is evidence of the effectiveness and support of our safety program.


Our Mission

Promote the health, safety, and general well-being of all our employees. We ensure that the laws, standards, corporate policies and programs that affect workplace practices and employee well-being are put into practice.

Our Vision

Maintaining accident-free work areas

Our Results

Reductions of incidents and accidents 99.9%.

Our Reality

Having a working team committed with educating and protecting our workers, maintaining the work area free of noticeable risks, and supporting our company services.

Our Staff

Possess qualifications such: OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer, Scaffold Trainer, Register Environmental Manager, National Safety Council authorized Trainer, Bachelor degree in Safety and Occupational Health, Master degree in Risk Management and Environmental Assessment.