Insulation Division

Central Industrial Services, LLC. is the leading Mechanical Insulation Contractor in Puerto Rico. We are specialized contractors whose main objective is to promote the mechanical insulation industry with the updated technology, applicable to client projects.

Did you know?

CISI prefabricates premeasured insulation materials to be installed for each system. In this way, we reduce service time, number of employees in the workplace and we minimize air contamination due to generated particles.

Our materials arrive ready to be installed at our customer’s facilities.

Our experience is based on

  • Hot or Cold Systems

  • Process Systems

  • HVAC Systems

Utilities and their related generation equipment.

  • Chilled Water

  • Reheat Water

  • Steam

Removable and Reusable
Special Projects as Client Requirements.


  • Hygienic

  • Cryogenic

  • Specialized Equipment


  • Hot Water

  • Cold Condensate

  • Roof Drains for Sound Attenuation